Side Effects of Vegetarian Protein

Vegetarian protein powders are generally created with whole food ingredients, many of which are hypo-allergenic and gluten-free. To avoid any potential side effects, choose an organic product from a reputable company.

As with any healthy product, taking more than the recommended serving size is generally frowned upon. Though it will not cause any serious side effects, taking more than the suggested amount per meal time can cause minor stomach upset and indigestion. To further avoid this side effect, choose a protein product that is enhanced with enzymes and probiotics that improve the rate of digestibility.

Vegetarian protein powders should not contain ANY whey or soy ingredients. Why you ask? Over consumption of whey and soy can cause a host of side effects. Vegetarian protein powders should contain raw, organic, vegetarian ingredients that are generally hypoallergenic and gluten free. By excluding whey and soy from the product, vegetarian protein powders are able to benefit more people.

Suggested Use