The Health Benefits of Raw Hemp Protein

Let’s be honest, what is the first thing that popped into your head when you read Hemp? Yep, probably marijuana or maybe Cheech and Chong. Of course, if you are a true Hemp History Buff (if such a thing exists?) then these things may have popped into your head:

The Declaration of Independence
The First American Flag
The Gutenberg Bible
Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

Yep, back in the day, hemp was a highly versatile and successful crop. Jefferson and Washington made a living trading hemp. Flag, bible and Declaration of Independence were all made with hemp. Sails, ropes, clothes, paper - all made with hemp. Hemp was easy to grow and had numerous applications...none of which involved smoking it.

The Real Deal Between Hemp and Marijuana

Warning - some boring biology is coming up, but we will try to make it brief. There is a genus of plants called Cannabis. Within this species of plant, there are numerous varieties, one of which is Marijuana. Marijuana has high levels of THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient and it has low levels of CBD, which is an anti-psychoactive ingredient.

We are almost done, stay with us here. There is another variety of Cannabis called Industrial Hemp. This Hemp has very low levels of THC (the psychoactive ingredient) and high levels of CBD (the anti-psychoactive ingredient). This Industrial Hemp, which is the hemp used in the Perfect Plant Protein and any food product in the USA, is basically the opposite of marijuana. In fact, not only will Industrial Hemp not get you high, it would probably block the effects of drugs in your system!

In 1970, The US Congress Gets Lazy and Decides to Ban All Hemp

Don’t have a great view of Congress? Well, just wait until you read this. In 1970, the US was waging its War on Drugs. Even though industrial hemp had been grown in this country since the day it was started, congress was so worried about Marijuana they banned the growing of every species of hemp.

Look, we all make mistakes, can’t fault Congress for getting a little Hemp banning happy - other countries were doing it too. Britain, Germany, Canada - they all banned Hemp as well. The problem is not that the US banned Hemp at one point, it is that they still ban growing it today!

Britain lifted its ban in 1993. Germany and Canada did not want to miss out on the economic advantages of growing this versatile crop, which has no connection to marijuana, so they lifted their bans as well. In fact, let’s take some time now and list every single developed country that does NOT allow the development of hemp as an agricultural crop. Ready, here is the ENTIRE LIST -

The United States

Yep, we are the only ones who still ban the growth of Hemp. In the meantime, Canada has become the top exporter of Hemp and it has been a huge economic boom for their country. So, what do you think of Congress now?

The Good News, You Can Buy Hemp in The US and It Is Awesome

Enough of bashing congress for not allowing US farmers to make a good living growing hemp, there is some good news for us consumers. Hemp products are 100% legal in the USA and Hemp Protein is just jam packed with nutrients.

Raw hemp is a wonderful source of easily digestible vegetarian protein. Hemp protein is a complete protein containing over 10 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids. Hemp protein is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. In fact, hemp is one of very few vegan sources of the important fatty acid GLA. Raw hemp is rich with minerals such as iron, zinc, potassium, and magnesium. Hemp protein is also rich with vitamins B, D, and E. This raw vegetarian protein source is packed with fiber, considered hypo-allergenic, and is the only known source of edestin – a plant protein nearly identical to protein found in the human body.

What Can Hemp Protein Do For Me?

Quick recap in case you fell asleep during the boring biology lesson above. Hemp is NOT going to get you high and it is completely safe for kids and adults. Due to the strong nutritional profile of Hemp Powder, Hemp can help -

Hemp is also beneficial for what it does NOT have. There is no lactose or gluten in Hemp and it is also soy free. As soy and lactose are in the Top 8 Allergens list, hemp is an excellent protein source for people with allergies. To make a good thing even better, Hemp has no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as there is no genetically modified hemp seed production. Compare this to soy, where 90% of the seed production involves GMOs.

What Is The Best Way To Take Hemp Protein?

We believe that Perfect Plant Protein Powder is the best way to incorporate Hemp into your diet. Not only do you get 100% Organic Certified Hemp Protein, you also get Organic Mushrooms, Organic Brown Rice, and enzymes to aide in the absorption of the protein.

Perfect Plant Protein Powder is USDA Certified Organic, 17 Grams of Protein per serving, 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and the perfect way to get Organic Hemp Protein into your diet.