What is Vegetarian Protein Powder?

Vegetarian protein powder offers a variety of benefits. Many vegetarians consume a diet that lacks in protein. Vegetarian or plant based protein offers a source of protein that is appropriate for all diets. Some vegetarian protein powders are even certified organic and gluten-free.

There are many different sources of vegetarian protein. Such sources include brown rice, mushroom, chia seed, hemp, and even cranberry. These vast sources of protein offer a more complete nutrient profile than traditional whey protein and tend to be more anabolic and easier to digest.

Most vegetarian protein powders are low carbohydrate and low calorie which makes them perfect for building lean muscle. When probiotics and enzymes are added to the mix, these vegetarian protein powders promote digestive wellness and overall health.

Vegetarian protein powder is often organic. Choosing organic products benefits both the health of the consumer and the health of the planet. When it comes to supplements, the best remedies come from the earth.