No Whey! (or Soy)

Perfect Plant Protein does not contain ANY whey or soy ingredients. Why you ask? Perfect Plant Protein aims to be a perfect product for as many people as possible. Often times, people choose to exclude whey and soy from their diets due to their potentially negative side effects. Perfect Plant Protein contains raw, organic, vegetarian ingredients that are generally hypoallergenic and gluten free. By excluding whey and soy from the product, Perfect Plant Protein is able to benefit more people.

Not only are whey and soy excluded from many health conscious diets, these protein sources also cause a few potentially dangerous side effects. Some of the negative effects of soy include:

Perfect Plant Protein is a better choice for everyone- simply raw and organic plant based ingredients enriched with beneficial probiotics and enzymes. Perfect Plant Protein works with your body to provide anarray of natural health benefits, and is generally side effect free.